Bath melts are made with moisturizing shea butter and essential oils that caress your skin. Toss into a hot bath to melt, resulting in a fragrant and skin-softening bath time experience. Keep your melts in a dry cool area or Keep refrigerated until ready to use. Melt Tray comes with 6 melts.Made With Shea butter, coco butter, bees Wax, dried rose petals Shelf life 2 years InstructionsBreak 1 or 2 Bath Melts off and drop in bath water and enjoy!Your bathtub will be SLIPPERY – so be careful when getting in and out of the tub.6 Melts comes in Tray12 Melts Comes in Pouch or 2 6 Melt Tray16 Melts comes in Tray

Shelf Life 2yrs

Luxury Bath Melts

  • Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Rose Petals and Skin Safe Fragrance.

  • Please be carefull getting in and out the bath while using the bath melts as the tub may be slippery.