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Because sometimes you need to just soak your pussy in some warm salt water...especially when you can't steam. Pussy Salts can be used as a bath or as a sitz bath.

Benefits of Bathing with Soaks

REDUCES STRESS AND RELIEVES SORE MUSCLES. Our Pussy Soaks will relax your body by relieving muscle cramps.

HEALS WOUNDS AND BRUISES. The anti-bacterial properties of our special salt blends relieve sunburns, cuts, and bruises. Soaking also helps your skin cells regenerate faster.

FIGHTS DEPRESSION & ANXIETY. Aromatherapy can provide stress relief. Soaking in a hot bath the soothing fragrance of organic flowers will ease your mind while relaxing your body.

Pussy Soaks(Mimosa Dream)

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  • Epson Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rose Petals, Dried Orange pieces, calendula, lavender, Shea Butter and essential oils

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