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Our Intimate Boric feminine gel is a pH-balanced feminine wash - specifically formulated for intimate use. Featuring essential oils which is widely recognised for its healing properties in helping prevent UTI’s, and soothing Carrier oils, Rose water and alcohol free witch hazel to cleanse intimate skin and maintain your natural pH balance. Boric acid to fight yeast, ingrown hairs, odors and itching.

This super gentle formula makes a dreamy bubble bath too! Simply add a few drops as you run your bath, and relax in non-irritating pH-balanced bubbles.

Feel Fresh All Day:

Keep your skin/yoni smelling pleasant and moisturized with our blend of rose oil, lavender, jasmine oil, chamomile and other natural oils and extracts. It supports your body’s PH defenses while leaving a minty floral scent.

Boric Acid Feminine Wash(sale)

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