Luxury is here! And no RING to clean up after your bath
These substantially sized bath truffles weigh nearly 4 oz and are a treat to use. As they’re broken up under a warm faucet, they start to bubble and fill the water with  bubbles, cocoa butter and shea butter. A luxurious indulgent bath experience for anyone who loves the bath bombs but with a BANG of moisture.  
Directions: Drop 1 under running warm water in tub and watch the luxury bubbles form.
Hold Truffle under warm running water, breaking the Truffle up to release the goodness or use a small sheer drawstring bang and hang on the faucet so the water can run over the bag.
3 medium Truffles
Shelf life 6 to 8 months

Bath Truffles

  • Made with Baking powder, citric acid, cream of tarter, shea butter, coco butter, slsa,polsorbrate 80, vegatable glycerin and skin safe fragrance

  • Please be careful getting in and out of tub, may be slippery