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History of Waist Beads

Sacred Waist beads carry a heavy significance in West Africa, they are traditionally, for the woman to wear sacred not to show anyone except her husband after marriage. 

They were also traditionally used to keep track of how the baby girls were growing.

So embrace your beauty display they the way that makes you feel fabulous! 

Great for keeping track of weight lost or fashion


Approximately 47 inches long and are strung on traditional string.

Each set comes with 2 strands

fits up to a 47 waist

Authenic African Waist Beads

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
Waist Beads
  • Step 1: Carefully remove your strand from its bag. (Strands may tangle slightly during shipping, gently untangle them)

    Step 2: Wrap strand around your body meeting each end in the front. (Every strand has an anchor bead on each end that is an alternate color from beads 'usually white' )

    Step 3: Once you have strand positioned, overlap strand, twist twice, tie in a knot 2-3 times. (ensure that there are no spaces by pushing beads snug against each other before twisting)

    Step 4: Cut anchor beads on each end and tie the excess string into a tight knot so that beads are comfortably snug in desired spot. Make 5-10 knots.

    Step 5: Once strand feels secure gently move beads over thin knots and turn to the back. (Over time the knot will disappear under the beads)

    Please remember to be patient when tying strands, using a mirror helps. Or having someone to help.

    Please be mindful of pulling/tugging strands when getting under dressed and taking bottoms down

    Please DO NOT play with your strand in the shower/pool during the first 2 weeks of wear.

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